Feb 13, 2018


The learning curve was steep, but she overcame the obstacles and remains on course to become, in her own words, “an influential and inspiring” Chartered Accountant.

Shoprite bursary holder Mbali Mahamba (23) has come a long way since leaving her grandparents’ home in Hendrina, Mpumalanga to study B. Accounting at the University of the Free State. Her earning potential was the last thing on her mind when she decided on this course. 

Although she likes the challenge of Accounting, her greatest adjustment was adapting to her new environment. 

“I’ve learnt many life lessons in my two years at university. I learnt to be tough-minded and not to allow anything to hold me back. Being an adult means taking responsibility and not relying on anyone but yourself to realise your dreams.”

- Mbali Mahamba, Accounting student


She found out about the bursary programme from the Shoprite Holdings website.

Mbali Mahamba, Accounting student and Shoprite bursary holder Mbali Mahamba, Accounting student and Shoprite bursary holder
“The application process was quick and easy and my interview with the Finance Manager at the Bloemfontein Divisional Office was amazing. He was so friendly and kind.”

- Mbali Mahamba


Ultimately she plans to build her mother a “mansion” and make her grandparents proud.


The Shoprite Group’s bursary purse for 2018 has not yet been depleted and anyone studying the courses below can apply on the website:

  • Accounting (Chartered Accountants)

  • Pharmacy

  • Retail Business Management

  • Logistics

  • IT

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