Jun 6, 2017


Checkers' Bella Vita Lasagne and the Ready to Braai Garlic Baguette was voted the best in South Africa in the recent Sunday Times Food Awards

An independent panel consisting of 40 enthusiastic readers put a selection of ready-made comfort dishes from various retailers to the test in a blind tasting, resulting in Checkers taking the first place in the beef lasagne and garlic bread categories.

The beef lasagne - rated on appearance, taste and ratio of mince to pasta and sauce – was described as having a delicious creamy sauce and a lovely cheesy top.


Checkers has SA's tastiest lasagne
Pleasant peppery flavour. The pasta is good.

- Judge


And the garlic bread - judged on appearance, quality of the bread, the taste, the filling (butter or margarine) and the amount of garlic – was described as having a “lovely appearance, great taste and enough garlic.”

Checkers has SA's tastiest garlic bread
Good quality of bread and real butter. It has a nice crispness to it.

- Judge

With the colder weather, now is the perfect opportunity to put South Africa’s best comfort food to the test!

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