Dec 20, 2017


The global sales of Prosecco have overtaken that of Champagne in recent years and have outstripped most other liquor sales as it gains popularity worldwide due to its reasonable price and delicious taste.

Responding to the huge growth in the popularity of Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine not to be confused with Champagne, Checkers has stocked up on the best deals for its customers during the festive season.

Customers can stock up with Prosecco - whether it is for their festive celebrations or for gifts - at Checkers, which has a selection of the best Prosecco brands available at the best prices, from just R89.99.

The International Wine and Spirit Research and Vinexpo 2017 report said Prosecco is driving the huge growth in sparkling wine sales. In 2010 Prosecco was 10% the size of Champagne in the UK, and by 2020 it is forecast to be three times bigger. Prosecco sales are expected to grow by over a third over the next few months alone and expected to have over 9% of the global sparkling wine market, while Champagne sales are expected to grow marginally.

Wine expert Michael Fridjhon explains that Champagne is made from specified cultivars and a similar method to sparkling wines like Methode Cap Classique in South Africa and Cava in Spain. Prosecco, however, is made from grapes grown in the north-east of Italy and mainly uses the Glera grape variety. It comes in brut (dry) and demi-sec (sweetish) varieties.

Prosecco pairs well with both white and red meat and adds a celebratory touch to any table, so get the party started this festive season with Checkers’ great variety of Prosecco – priced to suit your pocket.

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