Oct 23, 2017

Earlier this month the Tzaneen Skills Centre for Vulnerable Women received a large donation of cotton twine which will enable the organisation to generate funds for the women from Stop Trafficking Of People (STOP).

In April 2017, this skills centre in Limpopo introduced a skills development initiative - designing and making beautiful handbags from quality twine - aimed at helping these women to get back on their feet and gain financial independence.

“The calibre of the twine is important as we want to deliver a product of the highest standard to our clients. Even a few markets are now interested in stocking our bags.”

- Monika Smith, Skills Developer at the Tzaneen Skills Centre for Vulnerable Women

“Checkers Lifestyle Tzaneen recently donated 1 000 units of cotton twine, which will help our women to generate an income from this project from a very long time to come.”

- Monika Smith


Supporting remarkable women who work to act for change in their communities is a key pillar of the supermarket chain’s extensive corporate social investment programme.

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