Jan 18, 2017


In celebration of the Eikestad Primary School’s 40th birthday on Wednesday, 18 January 2017, Checkers Stellenbosch made an almost metre-wide cake as well as 830 individual cupcakes much to the delight of the school’s staff, governing body and of course, the learners.

Emma Louw (grade 1), Christiaan Wium (grade 1), Karla Kieviet (grade 2) and Monet van der Merwe (grade 5) had the honour of blowing out the candles on the cake as they share a birthday with Eikestad Primary. Following a special assembly held on Wednesday morning, each of the 830 learners were treated to a special cupcake, which Checkers Stellenbosch had decorated using the school’s colours of maroon and gold.

Eikestad Primary opened its doors in 1977 when the former Paul Roos and Bloemhof Primary Schools joined forces to form a new school, under the leadership of Mr CA Skibbe as headmaster.

For almost a decade Eikestad Primary was housed in two separate buildings located 1.5km from each other, until pupils were united under one roof on 31 October 1986 when the school’s new building was officially opened.

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