Nov 23, 2017


After an accident left her 8-month old daughter disabled, Nikie Thipe turned tragedy into hope by starting the Nthabiseng Skills Training Centre for the Disabled in Rustenburg.

Thipe registered her non-governmental organisation in 2012 after discovering the difficulties faced by disabled children. 

“Today we have 23 children registered and 11 of them come to us on a daily basis. We feed, educate and help them to live with their disabilities.”

- Nikie Thipe, founder of the Nthabiseng Skills Training Centre


The skills centre employs five full-time staff members, including Thipe, who is a pensioner.

Using fresh produce from their food garden, the Nthabiseng Skills Training Centre for the Disabled was able to cook nutritious meals for the children in their care. Additional funds were raised by selling herbs and vegetables to the local community and the garden even served as a skills activity for the children, but a lack of water made it increasingly difficult to maintain.

As a business with heart, Shoprite took hands with Thipe’s organisation in order to establish an effective and sustainable long-term solution. 

“We are very grateful to Shoprite because we have been educated about grey water recycling and it has helped us so much because we do not always have a lot of water.”

- Nikie Thipe


Shoprite also planted 3 000 seedlings including spinach, onions, beetroot and herbs and Thipe is very pleased to report that Nthabiseng’s garden is once again flourishing.

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