May 18, 2017

The 500 staff members who are upskilled at the Shoprite Group’s in-house bakery training centre every year looked forward to putting their newly acquired skills to the test on World Baking Day on Wednesday, 17 May.

As part of our ongoing commitment to skills development, we offer an internal bakery training programme at our head office in Cape Town. Branch managers identify dedicated store staff with a passion for baking and a keen interest in further developing their skills, to participate in this rigorous training programme.

The 6-week course includes both theory and practical. Staff are, for example, taught how different elements ranging from gluten to temperature control, can impact the end product. On a practical level they are shown, and then practice, the various techniques required by commercial bakers to make freshly baked speciality breads, cake confectionary and so much more.

This is not where the bakery training ends. Facilitators are regularly sent to Shoprite and Checkers branches across the country to ensure the bakers are continuously upskilled and kept abreast of the latest industry trends.

As one of the largest employers in Africa with close on 144 000 people in our workforce, we believe that developing people’s skills drives not only our business but also the economy. Our expanded staff training programmes are therefore aimed at giving our staff the edge they need to succeed.

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