Jan 19, 2017


Loyal Checkers customer Elsabé Veldman’s new year is off to an egg-cellent start after a staggering 13 chicken eggs (from a carton of 18) bought from her local store in Silver Lakes produced double-yolk eggs.

“Wow, did Checkers save me money!” Veldman exclaimed.

“I decided to make scrambled eggs for breakfast on Saturday 7 January and that’s when I cracked open the first double-yolk egg. The next morning it was time for eggs and bacon and voila, we were treated to TWO double-yolk eggs.”

“Two days later, on Tuesday 10 January, I quickly baked a batch of bran muffins. Again there was a double-yolk egg. As the electric beater and all the necessary ingredients were already on the kitchen counter, I decided to also make some chocolate muffins. Can you believe it…another TWO double-yolk eggs?!”

“It continued like this for a few days. I counted a total of 13 double-yolk eggs, so the carton in fact delivered a total of 31 eggs!”

With each welcome discovery, Veldman laughed a little more. “According to Google, just one double-yolk egg is a rare occurrence, and only happens to about one out of a 1 000 eggs. This isn’t a mere happy coincidence – I know it’s a sign of good things to come!”

Double-yolk eggs happen when a chicken ovulates twice in quick succession. The yolk (known as an oocyte at this point), is released into the oviduct (the chicken's fallopian tube) before the previous yolk has had a chance to clear out of the way. A single shell then forms around the two yolks.


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