18 July 2017

To honour the life and legacy of our late president Nelson Mandela, every year we at Shoprite take hands with various organisations around the country on Mandela Day.

Inspired by Madiba's legacy, our employees dedicate their 67 minutes and more, to interact with the communities we serve and bring a positive change to their lives.

At the heart of one of these communities are the senior citizens of NOAH. NOAH provides a home to 115 vulnerable senior citizens in the Western Cape who would otherwise struggle to survive on their monthly social pensions.

Our investment in NOAH didn’t end on Mandela Day. As our long term involvement, we built a service hatch at NOAH’s Khayelitsha home which residents now use as a spaza shop. Staff members also donated hundreds of items that is sold at NOAH’s monthly Trestle Table market, where there is also a newly erected carport to ensure this income generating activity can continue in the winter months.

As a business with heart, we at Shoprite are proud of our relationship with NOAH, and we will continue to #ActForChange to ensure a brighter, more positive future for our communities.

Find out more about the amazing people at NOAH by here #HumansOfNoah.  

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