22 December 2016

2008 Paralympian Sarisa Ferreira has developed her small farming business, Areli Veg, into one which employs 100 women permanently and another 50 part-time as her partnership with us has grown.

Starting from a small farm in Patensie in the Eastern Cape, Ferreira started supplying two lines to our fruit and vegetable distribution arm Freshmark in 2012.

Shoprite partnership helps Sarisa Ferreira’s business to create jobs for women Sarisa Ferreira from Areli Veg has been able to expand her business as her partnership with Shoprite has grown, and today she employs 100 women permanently.

By taking hands with Sarisa, Areli Veg was soon able to diversify and expand to a bigger variety of fruit and vegetables.  It started with only a handful of employees, but now provides training, mentoring and jobs to many women.

This partnership has seen Areli Veg grow from delivering two crates a day to 20 crates per product per day.

Sarisa has since bought another farm to increase her production volumes.