Mar 23, 2016


This Easter, the Shoprite Checkers supermarket group is hosting Easter hunts for children in disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa. This is part of the group’s commitment to support and strengthen the local communities in which it trades. Shoprite encourages South Africans to take part and make a difference by sharing Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns with someone less fortunate.


Marshmallow eggs are unique to South Africa and have become a tradition in most homes during the Easter period. This year, Shoprite and Checkers stores will be offering 445 different types of Easter Eggs and Bunnies. To help customers choose from the wide variety, selected Checkers stores have opened up Easter villages making it easier for you to find all the treats you need.


For something a little extra in the Easter basket, Shoprite and Checkers stores have introduced the all new Hot Cross Bun loaf to its range of Easter confectionery. Checkers customers can also try the exclusive Hot Cross Muffin which was introduced this year. The supermarket group’s bakeries work round the clock to ensure that customers find fresh Hot Cross Buns any time of day.


We invite you to visit your local Shoprite or Checkers store for all your Easter needs, and don’t forget you can make someone’s day by sharing the treats in your basket!

Children from the Refugee and Migrant Ministry in Durban share excitement after an Easter hunt held by Shoprite Checkers.

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