Apr 1, 2015


As part of April 1st shenanigans the Shoprite Checkers supermarket chain announced the launch of a  new “GPS Smart trolley” that efficiently navigate consumers to products whilst alerting them of specials, charge their phones and connect them to in-store internet. 


The announcement was widely welcomed as a refreshing new technological initiative and applauded Shoprite Checkers. Media and consumers inundated the supermarket group with requests for further information and to explore all the possibilities. In a statement Shoprite Checkers today said that although the “GPS smart trolley” is not in-store yet the technology is available.


A Spokesperson said: “Shoprite Checkers’ Research and Development Department is constantly looking at introducing technology-based innovation into the business to enhance the customers shopping experience.”


In response to this huge interest in this “GPS smart trolley” Shoprite Checkers also invite technology entrepreneurs to contact the supermarket group with innovative and forward-thinking ideas. The contact e-mail is


“Furthermore Shoprite and Checkers currently do have mobile Apps that give consumers access to additional savings through mobile coupons as well as in-store Wi-Fi in selected stores as part of a pilot program". 


“Our research and development department is working on developing the smart phone app further to enable consumers to scan product prices in-store and report on out-of-stocks to enable corrective action", the spokesperson concluded.


The next announcement won’t be an April Fools’ prank and the Group thanks everybody that participated in the conversation and April Fools’ fun.


Original Release:

Shoprite announces GPS Smart Trolley

The Group has been working for over 2 years to propel the supermarket trolley of the past 78 years into a new era and to keep Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets at the forefront of innovation within the African retail space.

A spokesperson for the Group’s Innovation Department said this smart trolley not only knows where products are located in-store but also has supplementary customer benefits which were developed through technology already in use at the Group’s distribution centres.

In these centres​ automatic drones are responsible for moving pallets and picking stock. The innovation keeps Shoprite in line with international trends that have seen Facebook launching its Aquila Drone Project and Google its high-altitude balloons that aim to bring internet to the masses.

The trolley pairs with a consumer’s mobile phone through the Shoprite and Checkers Mobile Apps. Using a built-in GPS and interactive screen, it syncs with the consumers shopping list, guides the consumer along the most efficient shopping route and using historical data gathered from previous lists it alerts consumers of specials on their favourite products.

Additional features on the trolley include mobile phone stations that connect to in-store internet and charge the consumer’s phone using electricity generated by its dynamo wheels. The spokesperson further said “this is just the first phase of the project and will vastly improve customers’ shopping experience; we’re excited to see the response”.

Due to the infrastructure investment and the concern over theft all of the new trolleys need to be returned before exiting the store and subject to a R50 deposit paid up front, refunded from the new minimum total purchase price of R50. The supermarkets aim to convert and replace all its current trolleys with the new improved versions by the end of 2015.

Shopbot Trolley
Shopbot Interactive Screen

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