May 13, 2014


The search for South Africa's number one has started! If you think your recipe has what is needed to take its rightful place as the next Championship Boerewors on Shoprite and Checkers meat market shelves, now is the time to enter the 2014 Shoprite Checkers Championship Boerewors Competition!

Nine of South Africa's number one community personalities are also excited about this year’s competition and can't wait to taste this year's winning Championship Boerewors. They encourage you to submit your best boerewors recipes to ensure that South Africa's number one Boerewors can be revealed.

All aspiring champs are invited to show what they are capable of. A brand new Toyota Hilux 2.7 Double Cab Raised Body Raider is at stake and only the tastiest, best quality, traditional boerewors will make the grade.

To stand a chance of driving away with the incredible first prize and the coveted title of Boerewors Champion, those interested should enter their recipes before the closing date of Friday, 13 June 2014.  Entry forms are available at the meat market of any Checkers, Checkers Hyper and Shoprite store, or online.

Anyone with an exceptional traditional boerewors recipe, and the skills to make their boerewors from scratch, can enter. Make sure, though, that your recipe isn’t just any beef sausage – it has to be a unique traditional boerewors.  The South African Chefs Association (SACA), a recognized authority on food in South Africa, will take charge of the judging processes, and they will be making sure that all entries adhere to strict guidelines for making the real thing.

To be traditional, boerewors must contain at least 90 percent meat - always containing beef, as well as lamb and/or pork and the fat content of the meat mixture may not exceed 30 percent. Furthermore, the distinctive combinations of spices like coriander, cloves, nutmeg and black pepper as well as fluids like vinegar, water and Worcestershire sauce are what differentiates boerewors from other variants. So, if you want to qualify for Shoprite and Checkers’ competition, please ensure that your recipe is valid and unique.

Participants have an exciting road ahead of them to get to the 2014 Championship Boerewors grand finalé. First participants will face-off in regional rounds that take place countrywide on Saturdays 9, 16 and 23 August, and only those who stand victorious after these hard-hitting clashes will go on to compete against their provincial counterparts on Saturday, 13 September.

The ten boerewors-warriors that emerge triumphant from the provincial rounds will face their toughest adversaries yet in the final battle for title of 2014 Boerewors Champion at Sun City on 4 October.
To add to this already exciting competition, the nomination function on the competition's electronic entry platform provides an opportunity for the general public to nominate their favourite Boerewors-maker to enter the competition and thereby stand a chance of winning one of this year’s great prizes.

The challenge has now been set.  It's time for that secret recipe to be shared with the rest of South Africa and for it to be entered into the 2014 Championship Boerewors competition!

For more information visit the competition website on

2013 CBW winner - Bob Makheta with his grand prize, a new Toyota Hilux

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