Nov 28, 2014


Unparalleled excitement reigned among scores of customers who queued from early this morning in front of Checkers stores, anticipating their first taste of a Black Friday promotion in a supermarket in South Africa.

It is the first food retailer in the country to cut prices up to 50% off on a range of selected general merchandise, food and liquor items for Black Friday on 28 November only.

View the attached video for some of the in-store scenes on Black Friday at Checkers as well as impressions on the historic event from Neil Schreuder, Marketing Director of Checkers.

Black Friday is the Friday after thanksgiving Thursday in America when retailers break with massively discounted merchandise and the concept has mushroomed across the world. The term is historically known in the retail industry in America as the day on which business began to turn a profit (in the ‘black’) after having operated at a loss (in the ‘red’) since January. Black Friday is also considered to be the official start of the Christmas shopping season.

Some of the unbelievable specials offered at Checkers supermarkets and hypermarkets and Checkers Liquorshops throughout South Africa included 50% on an Ottimo coffee machine, Russel Hobbs cordless kettle and steam iron, 2kg potatoes; 40% off on 2l Liquifruit and JC Le Roux sparkling wine, and 30% off on a dozen Carling Black Label beers. Apart from 21 lines advertised nationally, all regions had a large number of in-store discounted items as well.

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View some of the photographs from activities in-store here

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