Dec 29, 2014

Shoprite Checkers Back to School

With the laid-back festive season something of the past, the scramble to get ready for the 2015 school year can feel daunting. But, not only has the country’s largest supermarket group, Shoprite Checkers, committed itself to being the ultimate destination when it comes to Back to School preparation, Shoprite also offers a chance for hundreds of learners to win their school fees with “Class of 2015”.

Shoprite believes that education is the foundation for further development and entrepreneurship; which allows our youth to unlock their immense potential. In line with this vision, Shoprite sponsors school fees for hundreds of learners across South Africa with their annual “Class of 2015” competition. All entrants have to do is write a short essay or draw a picture of what they want to be when they grow up and they stand a chance to win their school fees for a year. Each Shoprite store in the country will choose a winner.

As part of its commitment to passing the lowest prices and best value directly to consumers, Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets provide a large range of back to school items at competitive prices.  Except for the teacher’s list, some of the top stationery items that parents should look out for are A4 College exercise books and hardcover counter books, Pritt, Staedtler HB pencils and retractable wax crayons, Jiffy heavy duty plastic rolls, A4 exam pads and 1plus A4 photocopy paper.

An extensive range of school shoes and school bags are also available from all Shoprite and Checkers stores and provide a wide range of great value school bags and shoes to customers, with the best value pair of shoes being sold at under R60.  This year Shoprite and Checkers also have a wide range of character branded school and pencil bags that include Barbie, Avengers, Spiderman and Hello Kitty. Although school uniforms don’t form part of the group’s standard merchandise it is available at selected stores. 

Shoprite and Checkers stores have also ordered up on bread, spreads, healthy snacks and lunchbox fillers with promotional prices across the range to help with January savings. The bakeries will be very busy in the days before schools open and will step up on the baking schedules to help assist so that every child has a packed lunchbox for that special first day of school.

For 2015 Shoprite and Checkers have gone the extra mile to ensure parents can afford all the items needed to enhance their children’s education and make Back to School a simple exercise with all the essentials under one roof.

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