Sep 30, 2013

Checkers, the first retailer that have utilised 100% recycled plastic content carrier bags in the country, has won a Gold Award for its Checkers carrier bag in the Best Recycled Product Competition of the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (Sapro).

Sapro which represents plastic recyclers in South Africa started the Awards three years ago to acknowledge recycled plastic products, acknowledging products that are made from recycled materials and encourage brand owners and industrial designers to consider recycled plastics as a material of choice.


The Checkers carrier bag stood out in the 100% recycled plastic content category for its sustainability, consistency and customer satisfaction.

The category in which the Checkers carrier bag won is an important category for Sapro as it places responsibility on the plastic recycler to maintain its standards and quality throughout large batches of material.

The emphasis was on tonnages kept off landfills, consumer acceptance and the technical achievements in manufacturing excellence.

To meet the demand for the Checkers carrier bag 2 100 tons of waste will need to be converted annually and will have a large impact on the plastic waste currently going to landfill.

The landfill saving and carbon emissions saving contribute to minimising the environmental impact of these carrier bags.

Tuffy, who manufactures the Checkers carrier bag, has mastered the conversion of 100% recycled plastic into carrier bags that are fit for purpose.

In announcing the winners Sapro said about 19% of all plastic products made in 2012 was recycled in the same period, although the recycling rate is not increasing quickly enough to make an impact on the plastics waste going to landfill each year. As a result of the increasing population, urbanisation and a growing middle-class society, the tonnages going to landfill are increasing faster than the tonnages recycled.

Plastics SA, a partner in this competition, have activated numerous activities and chat groups to find solutions towards zero waste to landfill by 2020.

Recycled plastics are in huge demand and recyclers cannot produce enough to meet demand. However, the prices for recycled do not reflect this demand. Recycled material is still perceived as a second grade, poor quality, and inconsistent and unreliable raw material source. This competition is aiming to tell a different story.

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