Oct 9, 2009


Children, especially those less priviledged, is a vulnerable section of our society and therefore the Shoprite Checkers supermarket group reaches out a hand of support to them. The supermarket group, in association with Age in Action, annually sponsors the Pretty Things for Little Things project - a competition that urges Shoprite and Checkers customers, especially senior citizens, to put their creative skills to work to make something for needy children. This year more than 18 000 toys and items of clothing were entered! These items will be distributed across the country to needy kids as early Christmas presents.

The project is open to all ages, but senior citizens over 60 who enter their handiwork stand a chance of winning generous cash vouchers that can be used at Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper stores nationwide. Entrants can make anything practical, durable and safe that a child can wear or play with. Articles can be made of any resources available and can be entered into four categories namely soft toys, blankets, clothing, and other articles made from materials such as wood, tin, wire and so on. 

Three winners per category were selected in each province for 2009. The provincial winners receive gift vouchers to the value of R2500, R2000 and R1500 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in that order, and also go through to the final judging round in which three national winners per category are chosen. Click here to see who the provincial winners are! (.pdf)

There is also a merit prize of for the most entries received from an individual in each province, a merit prize for the group who enters the most items, as well as a R1000 prize for the person who enters the most items nationally. 
Click here to see who entered the most items per province (.pdf) 

National winners receive vouchers to the value of R6000, R4000 and R3000 for the top three positions respectively. National judging took place on 7 October. Winners will be announced to the public soon. Winners’ names will also be published in the December edition of Ideas magazine.

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