Dec 3, 2008


​The Shoprite Group of Companies paid tribute to their suppliers at a glamorous annual awards ceremony held in Stellenbosch on Saturday, 29 November 2008. The following suppliers were honoured in their respective categories:

Confectionery and Beverages: Michael Fouché, Cadbury
Contractor/ Service Provider: Krish Moodley, Concord Refrigeration
Perishables and Service Departments: Stephen Cloete, Sasko Bakeries
Fruit and Vegetables: Gys and Charl du Toit, De Keur Estate
Meat Markets: Mike Barrett, Beefcor
Ambient Groceries: John Roos, Nola
Toiletries: Brad Liebenberg, Colgate Palmolive
Non-Foods: Ampie Pretorius, Amalgamated Appliances
Furniture: Eshu Seevnarayan, Lylax Bedding
Housebrand/Private Labels: Peter Gericke, Tea Blenders Company
Upcoming Suppliers: Zaheer Paruk, My Kreemer Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd

William Chan (Industries (Far East) Ltd), Kenny Cheng (Kedah Company), Charles Luk (Kintoon Development Ltd), Foran Cheng (Navigator) and Francis Cheung (Earnings Ltd) were each presented with the CEO's Award in recognition of their many years of exceptional partnerships with the Shoprite Group.

In the front row (ltr) are William Chan (CEO Award Winner: Winley Industries (Far East) Ltd), Kenny Cheng (CEO Award Winner: Kedah Company), Charles Luk (CEO Award Winner: Kintoon Development Ltd), Foran Cheng (CEO Award Winner: Navigator), Michael Fouché (Confectionery and Beverages Category Winner: Cadbury), Krish Moodley (Contractor/ Service Provider Category Winner: Concord Refrigeration), Stephen Cloete (Perishables and Service Departments Category Winner: Sasko Bakeries) and Charl du Toit (Fruit and Vegetables Category Winner: De Keur Estate).

In the back row (ltr) are Peter Gericke (Housebrand/Private Labels Category Winner: Tea Blenders Company), Eshu Seevnarayan (Furniture Category Winner: Lylax Bedding), Ampie Pretorius (Non-Foods Category Winner: Amalgamated Appliances), Francis Cheung (CEO Award Winner: Earnings Ltd), Brad Liebenberg (Toiletries Category Winner: Colgate Palmolive), Zaheer Paruk (Upcoming Suppliers Category Winner: My Kreemer Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd), John Roos (Ambient Groceries Category Winner: Nola) and Gys du Toit (Fruit and Vegetables Category Winner: De Keur Estate). Not pictured: Mike Barrett (Meat Markets Category Winner: Beefcor).

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