Dec 1, 2006


​Over 40 million people are living with HIV throughout the world - and that number is on the increase daily! Sadly, ignorance and prejudice are fuelling the spread of a preventable disease. The Shoprite Group of Companies, together with its HIV/AIDS Committee, which represents its total workforce, took a stand and developed a programme to equip staff with the knowledge on how to deal with HIV and AIDS.

Launched in 2006, Life Lessons comprises monthly modules in DVD format that is supported by collateral material, incentives to Branch Peer Educators to motivate participation, and opportunities for the trained staff members to enter the World AIDS Day Lucky Draw, where Shoprite gave away CASH prizes to those who took part and entered.

What makes this programme so effective is the unique way it educates the viewers. The real-life interaction between the presenters who chat openly about how HIV is transmitted and what to do to protect yourself against contracting the virus together with the graphic demonstrations on everything from how the virus infiltrates and destroys the white blood cells to how to put on a condom, delivers the message clearly and with impact.

The Shoprite Group of Companies successfully completed the first four modules during the first five months of the project and training will commence early in 2007. As one of the largest HIV Aids Awareness and Training Programmes in the retail sector in South Africa, Life Lessons aims to stop the spread of HIV and end prejudice within the Group. From the participation levels, it is clear that the programme is making a difference.

The content of Life Lessons is being supplied by Careways, a provider of corporate well-being services, and is being administered by LogoGistics, a creative and specialist communications company. LIFE SENSE is supplying the 24-hour help line service that provides counselling and information to Shoprite staff.

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