Jan 25, 2005


Africa’s largest food retailer, the Shoprite group has been richly awarded for its contributions to the development of stable economies and communities throughout the Continent and in South Africa – all the while offering consumers across Africa and neighbouring islands a wide range of quality products at the lowest prices. 

Most recently Professional Management Review Africa presented Shoprite with a coveted Corporate Care Award for its good corporate citizenship. These awards are highly sought after in the market, as they identify companies not only in business for business-sake, but for doing "the right things" – caring for their staff, their communities and for South Africa. 

The Group also topped the list in Human Resources Communication and came a close second to Iscor in Corporate Social Investment (CSI) during the first-ever annual South African Media Image Survey, a comprehensive study of the media coverage which JSE-listed companies attract. 

A host of softer issues such as black economic empowerment (BEE), corporate social responsibility and human resources (HR) management were examined as critical components of a company’s reputation in the Media Image Survey. Shoprite was rewarded for wider media coverage of its HR policies than any other listed company and also for its far-reaching social investment initiatives. 

The Group contributes frequently to initiatives aimed at ameliorating the fate of women, children and the aged - annually playing host to a nationwide toy collection drive for thousands of orphaned and homeless children, as well as hundreds of Christmas Parties for youngsters from schools, churches and children’s homes across the nation. 

For combating ignorance surrounding the impact of HIV/AIDS among its workforce and management in the past year, Shoprite also received a Certificate of Participation in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS by Uhuru Communications, publishers of “The AIDS Guide”. Saluted as part of the growing circle of caring companies, Shoprite heeded the King II Commission’s recommendations and established an HIV/AIDS Steering Committee of management and union representatives to address the effects of HIV/AIDS on the company. 

The Group has also allocated further funds for the implementation of additional HIV/AIDS programmes in its 2005 budget. 

Shoprite Human Resources Director, Callie Burger, comments: “At Shoprite, we provide great value for customers, opportunities for our workforce, economic support for communities and a helping hand for charities across the Continent. We work hard to make life better for all South Africans. We are committed to those who shop with us every day – many of whom depend on us to provide value for money for the products they want at the lowest prices possible. We have done this successfully for the past quarter century and look well set to continue doing just that for the next 25 years.” 

The Shoprite group is committed to pursuing a path of sustainable development and invests heavily in the communities and countries in which it operates by creating additional revenue to governments in the form of taxes, contributing to job creation and by aiding ordinary citizens with quality products at the lowest prices. More insight into the Group’s activities can be gained by visiting

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