Little Garden Response Statement


Following the success of the Little Shop campaign, which was very well received by our customers as well as educational and remedial institutions, Checkers launched the new Little Garden collectable campaign consisting of environmentally-friendly seedling kits to enable children to learn how to grow food sustainably.

The total Little Garden package was sourced from abroad after engaging with a number of local suppliers who were unable to supply the 192 million seeds required for this promotion’s expected demand.

In researching the campaign, it was important for Checkers to ensure that the seedlings are suited to the South African environment and climate. As such we acquired the necessary import licenses from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF) and worked with Food & Trees for Africa, who has planted thousands of food gardens over the past 25 years, to establish the suitability of the seedlings to the South African environment.

When we planned the April launch date, they advised that the South African climate is surprisingly forgiving and that the majority of the seedlings can be grown in colder months.  We were therefore confident that, with the right care, our customers’ Little Gardens should flourish.

The tomato seedlings were however a last-minute replacement when DAFF did not approve the import license for carrots, and in an unfortunate oversight we did not confirm the suitability of germinating tomatoes in winter. However, Food & Trees for Africa has advised that they can still be grown in our country’s sub-tropical areas or in DIY green houses, such as clear recycled plastic bottles (step-by-step instructions are available on the Checkers website).