Benefits of being a Shoprite Supplier

The success of the Shoprite Group is closely tied with the success of our suppliers and the value our relationships create.

As a Group, we strive towards efficiency across our value chain, and we share our knowledge and resources with our suppliers for mutual benefit.

We acknowledge and support our suppliers for their contribution to the success of our business.



Global Trade Solution (Bamboo Rose)

Bamboo Rose is a specialised global sourcing solution providing end-to-end functionality to manage all aspects of international merchandise sourcing and associated processes. We use this solution to list new suppliers, list new items, manage orders, for documentation management, container tracking, and financial reconciliation.

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Supplier Portal

This portal is the E-Commerce private exchange through which all communication between Shoprite and our suppliers is done. Through this portal we communicate orders, claims, remittance advices and a variety of reports and information.

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Empowered by Partnerships Driven by Efficiency

The Shoprite Group has a world-class supply chain management system, supported by state of the art infrastructure that drives efficiency within our business and between our Group and our suppliers.