Hunger and malnutrition are stubborn challenges that are, unfortunately, faced by most African countries. Being hungry affects people’s abilities to reach their full potential and impedes a country in reaching its development goals.

We help to fight hunger in the following ways:

1. Immediate relief

We provide immediate hunger relief to those in need with our mobile soup kitchens. It’s an effective way to deliver nutritious meals to beneficiary organisations.

2. Surplus food donations

We donate surplus food and goods from our stores and distribution centres to local, verified beneficiaries. This initiative aligns with our strategy to reduce food waste.

3. Disaster relief

In the face of disasters like fires or floods, we do what we can and work swiftly to provide food and essential goods to those affected.

4. Community food gardens

As part of fighting hunger in disadvantaged communities, we invest significantly in community food gardens to support long-term food security and economic access.

Our investment in food gardens

Through our continued support for community food gardens, we give thousands of people access to nutritious food. Currently, this initiative takes place in about 100 communities across South Africa and three communities in Zambia. The primary aim of our food gardens is to produce nutritious food through bio-intensive production; however, we also focus on and support learning, production and social gardens.

*For the year ended 28 June 2020.

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