The Group’s information and technology capabilities allow us to prioritise and execute tasks consistently using context-specific analytics across the supply chain. Through integrated planning, procurement, logistics and sales, we continue to optimise our business efficiency at scale, to the extent that our integrated, efficient supply chain is unrivalled in Africa, including 2 779 stores, 30 distribution centres, a fleet of 837 trucks and 1 211 trailers and world-class integrated information systems.

The efficiency of our supply chain benefits our suppliers

The integrity and efficiency of our supply chain is key to our business success and integral to the advantages we offer our 19 398 suppliers across 15 African countries and 13 other countries. It ensures that we can deliver quality products on demand and efficiently throughout our extensive network of stores on the continent.

The centralised distribution model gives our suppliers access to a more efficient route to market than the costly “direct-to-store” option where supplier vehicles drive extra mileage and waste time between individual store deliveries.

It also allows the Group to give smaller women- and black-owned suppliers access to market.

The integration of our supply chain benefits our franchisees

Our franchises and buying partners benefit from the larger Group’s supply chain efficiency. We continued to improve our franchise offer by rebranding stores and integrating them more tightly into our supply chain. Historically, our franchises were stocked through dedicated distribution centres. We’ve accelerated their integration into our corporate distribution channels so that they benefit from our fully integrated planning, procurement and logistics in the same way as our corporate stores do. This shift, which will be completed in the near future, also increases their access to our fresh and private label products.

Optimising our supply chain

Our significantly scaled centralised supply chain that controls the majority of local, import and cross border export movements, continues to be a competitive advantage of the Group. This allows for greater integration and collaboration across all aspects of the supply chain. Our re-platformed IT system enhances this advantage by integrating planning, procurement, warehouse logistics and distribution. With real-time information and analytics, we will be able to continuously improve the process of prioritising and replenishing stock, ensuring that we manage variations in demand and supply more effectively. As a result, we will be able to improve stockholding levels, on-shelf availability and customer satisfaction.

Even more agile

With our investment in digital transformation, we will use data to embed insights and analytics into all our processes, and we will enable more agile decision-making across the supply chain. This will ensure that each store is stocked for local needs and is able to adjust promotions, pricing, formats and stock at a granular level. Thanks to our size and efficient supply chain, we are able to develop and distribute products more cost-effectively to meet our customers’ growing demand for diverse product ranges.