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Integrated Annual Report

Our report on our progress towards delivering on our vision – to be Africa's most affordable and accessible retailer – and how we plan to continue to do so in future.

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We are Shoprite -
Africa’s largest retailer

147 268 Employees
No. 1 employer in RSA

35% Male Employees
65% Female Employees

2779 Stores

Across 15 Countries

16 Brands

Our Value Creating Highlights in 2019

  • R150.4 billion turnover.
  • R6.9 billion trading profit.
  • R4.3 billion headline earnings.
  • 4.6% trading margin.
  • 3 175 jobs created in the financial year.
  • 5 079 unemployed youth trained on Retail Readiness Programme.
  • 2 863 e-learning kiosks across 1 355 sites.
  • 3 949 949 training hours in 2019.
  • 30.6% market share in South Africa.
  • Over 53 million R5 deli meals sold.
  • 9 679 products priced lower than in 2018.
  • 126 net new stores.
  • Recycled 3 995 tons of plastic from our stores.
  • Reused & recycled 36 439 tons of cardboard from our stores.
  • 1 101 tons of carbon emissions saved through backhauling.
  • Generated 2 637 MWh of renewable electricity for our stores.
  • R58.1 million donated in surplus food.
  • R35.6 million spent on corporate social investment programmes.
  • R6.2 billion contributed in taxes across 15 countries.
  • 2 366 small suppliers given access to market.

What sets us apart

We strive to generate long-term sustainable growth for our equity investors through our established food retail business operations in 15 economies on the African continent. We are focused on cost-effective operational performance throughout our large footprint of leading technology-enabled retail operations and distribution channels.

This, together with our strategic focus areas, provide further context for the investment case.

  • Our unmatched food retail positioning across 15 African countries
  • Our customer-first approach focusing on affordability
  • Our corporate-owned food retail model addressing all market segments
  • Our low price leadership with Shoprite Supermarkets
  • Our Usave format, committed to underserved communities
  • Our growing share of the mid-to-upper food segment in South Africa
  • Our growing convenience footprint with our OK Franchise formats

  • Our leading position in ancillary services
  • Our world-class centralised supply chain
  • Our IT capabilities
  • Our proud commitment to employment in Africa
  • Our commitment to returning capital to shareholders as dividends
  • Our consistently high trading margin
  • Our commitment to addressing environmental, social and governance matters

9 Strategic Focus Areas

Transforming Our Business

In 2019, the Group completed a three-year project to implement an enterprise retail system that consolidates all core information into a single database, providing consistent information from a single source to all departments. It’s one step in a larger plan to ensure we have the IT capabilities to accelerate our business growth while protecting data integrity and privacy. In the year ahead we will focus on increasing operational efficiency through our new capabilities and harnessing their power through data analytics and predictive insights.

81 000
days of training in preparation for new digital platform.

Near real-time
item data.

16 000
concurrent daily users across 1 989 stores, distribution centres, and divisional and home office locations.

Integrated data, insights and execution across every aspect of the business.

Future capabilities include enhanced predictive models and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our Value Creating Business Model

Sourcing and developing products and services.
Running an effective, efficient supply chain.
Operating a lean costs tructure increasingly
support by integrated
Maintaining beloved brands.
Delivering through
service to meet customers'
Developing people and careers.
Uplifting communities and building economies.

Shoprite Holdings Turns 40 Years

40 For 40 years, the Group focused on lowering prices. In recent years, our focus has shifted from low prices to affordability, as we provide a range of options to people who may not be able to afford the lowest prices in the market. We aim to make our customers’ money work as hard as they do.

Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs)

Our business activities support achievement of the following SDGs: