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The Shoprite Group of Companies, Africa's largest food retailer, operates 2,653 outlets in 15 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands and reported turnover of R71.297 billion for the six months ended December 2016.  We are geared for stable growth in challenging economic context throughout Africa.

Diluted HEPS
Trading Profit
R3.907 bn

Dividend per share declared
R71.297 bn

Shoprite Holdings

Shoprite Holdings Ltd

52-Wk High

52-Wk Low
P/E ratio
Earnings Yield

Shareholder Diary | 2017

Closed period
30 December (2016) to 20 February
Half year operational update
Tuesday, 17 January
FY2017 Interim results announcement
Tuesday, 21 February
FY2017 Interim results presentation to shareholders – Cape Town (only)
Tuesday, 21 February
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Annual Sun City Conference
Tuesday, 14 - Thursday, 16 March
Anticipated payment date of interim ordinary share dividend (if approved)
Monday, 20 March
Closed period
23 June to 21 August
Full year operational update
Tuesday, 18 July
FY2017 Full year results announcement
Tuesday, 22 August
FY2017 Full year results presentation to shareholders - Cape Town (only)
Tuesday, 22 August
Anticipated payment date of final ordinary share dividend (if approved)
Monday, 11 September
Publication of Integrated Report 2017
Friday, 29 September
Q1 Operational update
Monday, 30 October
Annual General Meeting
Monday, 30 October

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