Strategy and investment case

The Group’s vision is distilled into a future-fit strategy.

Although we continuously evolve and adapt, we remain resolute in our commitment to customers to be Africa’s most accessible, affordable and innovative retailer.  

We want Shoprite to lead in South African retail and be counted among the world’s best retailers. To achieve this we will focus on optimising and growing our core retail activities in our existing markets while we capitalise on opportunities to unlock incremental growth by becoming a smarter, more customer-driven business, closing the gaps in key segments and investing in long-term opportunities to unlock alternative revenue streams. We will leverage Shoprite’s scale advantage to build the dominant consumer omni-channel ecosystem in Africa, creating unrivalled reach and entrenching customer loyalty.

The food retail business is our foundation and provides broadscale customer reach and high transactional frequency. Our investment in technology provides increased reach and engagement, digital commerce capability and operational efficiencies while opening up new revenue opportunities as customer expectations and behaviours change.