What sets us apart


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We strive to generate long-term sustainable growth for our equity investors through our established food retail business operations in 15 economies on the African continent. We are focused on cost-effective operational performance throughout our large footprint of leading technology-enabled retail operations and distribution channels, as viewed in our business model. This, together with our strategic focus areas, provide further context for the investment case.

  • Our unmatched food retail positioning across 15 African countries
  • Our customer-first approach focusing on affordability
  • Our corporate-owned food retail model addressing all market segments
  • Our low price leadership with Shoprite Supermarkets
  • Our Usave format, committed to underserved communities
  • Our growing share of the mid-to-upper food segment in South Africa
  • Our growing convenience footprint with our OK Franchise formats

  • Our leading position in ancillary services
  • Our world-class centralised supply chain
  • Our IT capabilities
  • Our proud commitment to employment in Africa
  • Our commitment to returning capital to shareholders as dividends
  • Our consistently high trading margin
  • Our commitment to addressing environmental, social and governance matters