Developing employees to support growth


With over 147 478 staff members, the Shoprite Group is the largest private sector employer in South Africa and a leading employer in Africa. The success of our business is a result of the collective effort of this massive workforce. Many of our stores are located in small rural communities, yet we deliver a world-class shopping experience. To achieve this, we have developed a culture of excellence and processes that are robust and effective.


Our growth in all countries we operate in necessitates the continuous recruitment of staff across all levels, in different languages and cultures.

We pride ourselves in our human resources management processes and the annual growth in total staff complement serves as evidence that our team has developed appropriate institutional processes that facilitate the attraction and recruitment of staff.

Attracting and retaining the right people and maintaining healthy relations with our employees and labour representatives are essential to continuously improve our competitive positioning. The Shoprite Group’s bursary programmes provide a pipeline of valuable skills, and our learning and development programmes ensure that employees are able to reach their potential and that our workforce is best able to support the Group’s business objectives. 


We have developed systems for recognition and reward that are unique and loved by the Shoprite people. One example is the Super Service Awards competition which rewards staff across all brands in 14 countries for providing superior customer service. The programme focuses on the key areas of service - staff, store and stock. Staff receive rewards for their participation as well as for their branch’s performance throughout the course of the year.