Our Positioning

Delivering low prices in a first-world shopping environment to consumers across Africa

The Shoprite Group is the largest supermarket retailer in Africa. We operate a total of 2689 outlets in 15 countries across the continent, as well as on the Indian Ocean islands.

While the Group’s primary business is food retailing, our offering extends to a broad range of goods and services including household products, furniture, pharmaceuticals and financial services amongst others. At the heart of our offering is an unwavering dedication to providing the lowest prices to people of all income levels.

We achieve this by pursuing efficiency in everything we do. Our advanced distribution centres and sophisticated supply line infrastructure give us greater control over our operations. This empowers us to overcome economic challenges without decreasing margins or compromising on quality.

By setting the conditions for enduring success, we can continue to provide affordable food to our communities, invest in social upliftment and contribute to the African economy − all while creating value for shareholders.