Our Mission

We are the largest private sector employer in South Africa and a leading employer in Africa

Our mission is to deliver low prices in a world-class shopping environment to customers across the African continent. We bring choice, quality products and job creation to communities in all the countries we serve. Our low-cost promise has been the foundation of our business for close to 40 years and we are relentless in our efforts to keep our business efficient and our prices low.

We have become the number one retailer in Africa through a steadfast commitment to the values we hold dear. We aspire to become the global leader in customer service, putting the customer first in all things we do. Our mantra is that no customer leaves the store unhappy and our employees are empowered and have the full authority to do what is necessary to ensure our customers are satisfied.

We are a business with heart, always reminding ourselves that we are part of a broader community and demonstrating to ourselves and our customers that we #ActForChange. Whether it is through job creation, ensuring the most affordable products available, lending a helping hand to those in need or feeding the most vulnerable in our society, we ensure that we remain relevant to and trusted by the communities we serve.

Finally, we believe in treating all people, be it our colleagues or our customers, with respect and integrity, keeping our promises and acting fairly in all our dealings.