Drivers of Our Long Term Success

Delivering the lowest prices through increased efficiency

We pursue efficiency in everything that we do. By streamlining our supply chain, upgrading our operations and driving down costs, we are better able to deliver the lowest prices in a first-world shopping environment to consumers across Africa.


Our Advanced Supply Chain

Our state-of-the-art distribution centres and supply line infrastructure give us greater control over our product inventory across 15 African countries. This empowers us to introduce a number of cost-saving efficiencies without decreasing margins or compromising on quality.  Read more here


Centralised Distribution Centres

The Group has invested in an extended centralised distribution network that enables us to seamlessly manage the supply of products to our 1855 stores across the continent.

As the first South African retailer to receive the renowned ISO 9002 accreditation for import and export handling, we continue to pursue our strategic lead in supply chain management. We have invested substantially to create a network of advanced distribution centres with their accompanying transport operations supported by sophisticated information management systems. A substantial portion of the investment in information technology and logistics infrastructure has been devoted to upgrading and expanding our distribution centres in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban.

Our larger centres are able to handle bigger volumes, while also stabilising supply lines in times when supplier service levels drop. Merchandise can be buffered, thereby countering vendor out-of- stocks and volatile trading patterns, while also offering an opportunity to buy-in against price increases. This ensures that we can consistently give our customers access to the products they need at the right time and pace.


Fully-Owned Fleet

Our large fleet of trucks and trailers operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that goods are delivered on time. Sophisticated transport route planning and scheduling software optimises store deliveries and reduces the number of trucks on the road.

This efficient supply chain infrastructure also empowers small-to-medium sized suppliers to deliver merchandise directly to our centres and avoid the need to invest in either warehousing or vehicles. Our trading partners are a vital link in our supply chain and we work closely with them to create mutually beneficial relationships that go beyond simple supply and demand.


Storage, Availability and Information Technology

Our advanced supply chain also presents the opportunity to re-engineer our retail stores and optimise the use of space by dedicating the minimum area to storage and the maximum area to trading space.