Our low price promise

For our Group, lowest prices are not just a headline, but a promise we’ve kept for almost 40 years.

We monitor our internal inflation as a measure of our success and it is consistently lower than national averages, reflecting on our relentless efforts to keep our business efficient and our prices low.

Our Customer Commitment

Our customers’ shopping experience is what our business is all about and we aspire to:

  • treat every customer with respect, no matter the amount of the sale,
  • treat the customer as an individual, not as a sale,
  • satisfy any reasonable expectation a customer might have,
  • take time to understand the customer’s needs,
  • take responsibility to ensure every problem is dealt with to a satisfactory conclusion,
  • only make promises we intend to keep,
  • call back or follow up if we promised to do so.

Fair treatment is important in our business

For our Group fair treatment is a matter of principle and not compliance and we take pride in our efforts to ensure that each and every customer is fairly treated.

We support the United Nation’s International Guidelines for Consumer Protection and in South Africa we uphold the Consumer Goods and Services Industry Code and also participate in the Ombud Scheme and use these as minimum standards for our own internal policy.

We would like to hear from you

In our efforts to continuously meet the growing needs of our customers, we welcome your feedback through our dedicated customer service departments. Should you have any queries or comments, please contact the relevant brand directly via the links provided below or use their store locator to contact a specific store.

WWF-SASSI Partnership

WWF-SASSI Participation

Shoprite Checkers is working in partnership with WWF-SASSI to ensure that we meet our commitments to sustainable seafood.  

wwf.org.za/sassi | FishMS: 079 449 8795  wwfsassi.co.za/sassi-app

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