The chain’s simple philosophy – “When we save, Usave” is backed by an innovative strategy of small-format stores offering a limited range of basic foods at everyday low prices to lower income consumers. 

The small-format stores are an ideal vehicle for the Group’s expansion into the rest of Africa and allow far greater penetration into previously underserved communities in South Africa.


While most Usave stores follow a smaller format, some larger Usave super stores have been successfully opened in selected locations. These stores stock a broader range of products, along with a bakery and butchery. Money Market counters also provide much-needed access to a number of financial services such as money transfers, utility payments and bus ticket purchases.

Apart from the range products and services, Usave's housebrand, Ubrand, guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back. Ubrand offers everything from toiletries and cleaning products to pasta, canned foods, fruit, sweets, chips and condiments.


Sephaku Usave eKasi

Usave have also introduced Usave eKasi to complement their existing stores.  A Usave eKasi is a small format modular store of which the first Usave eKasi opened in June 2017 in Spruitview, Gauteng.  

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