Providing quality furniture, electrical appliances and more to serve customers in the middle-income market.

OK Bazaars acquired in 1997

The Group’s OK Furniture and OK Power Express brands bring quality furniture, electrical appliances and more to middle-income communities in South Africa – as well as other parts of Africa – and currently operates almost 400 branches across seven countries.

Brand Overview


In 1927, Michael Miller and Sam Cohen opened OK Bazaars. The store was an instant success and expanded rapidly to become one of the most trusted household names in South Africa’s retail history.

In 1997, Shoprite acquired OK Bazaars from SAB in the legendary R1 deal. This strategic acquisition added 157 super- and hyper-sized supermarkets and 146 furniture stores to the Group, while saving 14 091 jobs. It also marked Shoprite Holdings’ first store in Eswatini (previously Swaziland). 

With the aim to offer affordable prices in a first-world shopping environment, the OK Furniture chain brings well-priced furniture, electrical appliances and more to homes across Africa. 

The brand has been repositioned to emphasise the philosophy of ‘No Problem’ in the minds of its employees and customers. 

OK Power Express

OK Power Express is the OK Furniture chain’s small-format stores where price-sensitive consumers can find a selected range of appliances, home entertainment products, cellphones, base sets, bedding and carpeting. 

The first OK Power Express was opened in May 2000 and the brand has since grown throughout South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Eswatini (previously Swaziland). 

Added Services

For added convenience, the following additional services are available at most OK Furniture and OK Power Express stores:

  • Money Market counters are available to provide access to a number of financial services such as money transfers, utility payments, bus ticket purchases and more.

  • An electronic catalogue system and online store provides increased shopping convenience.