Servicing customers in the catering and hospitality industries; and door-to-door consumer deliveries.

established in Epping
distribution centres

Checkers Food Services uses the Group’s buying power and distribution network to deliver quality products to customers in the catering and hospitality industries and to the everyday consumer. Our world-class wholesale products are delivered to customers’ doors at everyday prices.

Brand Overview

Checkers Food Services (CFS) started operating at the Group’s Epping Distribution Centre in 2011. This business-to-business brand started out by delivering a wide range of low-price, quality products to South Africa’s hospitality and catering industry and now also delivers to everyday consumers. 

Leveraging the Group’s bulk-buying power and centralised distribution network, Checkers Food Services distributes products to its customers by making use of dedicated warehouses and logistical fleets.

Checkers Food Services offers world-class service and free delivery of an extensive range of more than 8 000 quality products, including our exclusive CaterClassic range. Services are available to chefs, restaurants, hotels, hostels, guesthouses, caterers, redistributors, industrial kitchens and the everyday consumer.