Checkers LiquorShop offers a full assortment of local and international wines, an array of craft beers, wide variety of spirits, as well as their exclusive House of Fine Whisky selection. Positioned near Group supermarkets, outlets feature separate entrances and also appeal to passing trade.

Shoprite LiquorShop offers a wide range of local favourites from ice-cold beers, top branded whiskies as part of their House of Fine Whisky selection, premium spirits – all at their famous low supermarket prices, right next door to Shoprite supermarkets.

The first LiquorShop was opened in 2005 and the chain has since grown to over 440 stores in South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia.

The product range includes ready-to-drink cocktails, local and international wines, fine whiskies and a wide selection of commercial as well as craft beers.


The House of Fine Whisky

The House of Fine Whisky range provides customers with the finest range of local and international whiskies available at supermarket prices, giving customers unrivalled access to a wide choice of premium blends and single malts.

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