The OK Franchise Division is a franchise business of supermarkets that provide independent retailers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to build successful businesses through the OK Franchise Division stores.

The various available formats enable these operators to provide consumers with a comprehensive range of quality products at competitive prices in a pleasant shopping environment.

The OK Franchise Division franchises three different types of retail formats, one wholesale format and add-on liquor outlet, each with its own identity and personality and each offering shopping facilities appropriate to the market in which they trade. This creates a solid platform from which entrepreneurs and independent supermarket operators can operate.

The different store formats are:


•    OK Foods – Large supermarkets

•    OK Minimark – Small convenience superettes

•    OK Express – Forecourt convenience superettes

•    Megasave  – a Wholesale cash & carry outlet.

•    OK Liquor  –  Add-on liquor outlet for existing franchisees.

•    Sentra


The Shoprite Group acquired a number of supermarkets between 1995 and 2011 that was integrated in the OK Franchise Division. The acquisitions included a central procurement organization, Sentra, that was acquired in 1995, OK Bazaars acquired in 1997 and Metcash in 2011. The expertise and infrastructure of the group, coupled with the inherent value and potential of the OK brand, gave rise to the OK Franchise Division that now have more than 388 stores.

Franchise Opportunities

For more information or franchising opportunities, please visit the OK Franchise Division website or contact them via the Franchise Opportunities option here.