Located inside Shoprite and Checkers stores, MediRite is wellpositioned to meet the growing need for easily accessible and affordable healthcare to customers across all income levels.

Customers can fill their prescriptions while doing their grocery shopping. Many MediRite pharmacies are located in previously disadvantaged communities where few pharmaceutical services are available.


With over 160 in-store dispensaries currently operating throughout South Africa, Swaziland and Angola our goal of bringing better healthcare to the public is being realised.

MediRite is a designated service provider and preferred partner to most medical aids. This means that customers can conveniently fill their chronic and scheduled prescriptions in a Shoprite or Checkers store. MediRite also offers wellness screening covered by most medical aids.

Healthcare professionals place a large emphasis on quality service and compassionate consideration for each and every patient and are not only knowledgeable and experienced, but dedicated to making a real difference.

For further information on MediRite, please visit our website.