The Shoprite Group Business Card


The Shoprite Group Business Card allows you to benefit from every one of our stores, with a wide range of quality goods at better prices. Saving you and your business money.


We believe in better value for money. With the Shoprite Group Business Card, you can now treat your guests and patrons to our world-class products.

  • Get up to 2,5% automatic discount on all purchases
  • No interest
  • No admin fees
  • 30 days to pay
To sign up:

    •    Download the PDF

Simply fill in your details and send it to

Please note: the complete form must be submitted together with a copy of your green barcoded identification document (ID Book/Card), proof of your business address and a business bank statement.
If you are an existing Business Card holder, you can view your account here.

Apply for your Shoprite Group Business Card today.

Terms and conditions apply.