Making a positive and sustainable impact

We aim to be Africa’s most affordable, accessible and innovative retailer, and to do this in a responsible way for our communities and the environment. This provides us with a social license to operate and it makes business sense.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our strategy aligns with our purpose and our values, business objectives and drivers. We make sure to leverage our IT capacity, embed sustainability measuring and monitoring into our business operations and decision-making, and focus on building meaningful partnerships that will help scale the impact of our sustainability projects.


Employees are an integral part of our business as they live our values and purpose.

Customer centricity

We place our customers at the centre of everything we do.

Supply chain resilience

Our suppliers, as well as our own logistics operations, form part of our supply chain.

Socio-economic contribution

We make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in society.

Environmental stewardship

We acknowledge our responsibility to operate sustainably in the countries where we operate.


Sustainability Report


This report provides feedback on our progress against our key sustainability commitments and shows how we are taking action through various programmes.


Sold R72.8 million loaves of bread at R4.99

Invested R485 million and 2.8 million training hours

Reduced 126 million kWh through use of energy-efficient lighting

Supports 103 ECD centres, benefitting 5,062 children

Invested R274 million into our communities

* For the year ended 4 July 2021

Our Position Statements

The Group aligns all operations to its values of Doing the right thing, Saving to share and Developing local. Our approach to environmental sustainability aligns to these values to ensure cost-savings, efficiencies through-out the value chain, legal compliance and environmental responsibility.

Our contribution to tackling global challenges

We align ourselves on the issues relevant to our business and identify where we can most significantly contribute to the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDG).

Our partners

We cannot #ActForChange on our own, which is why we ground our social investment in local community partnerships.

Sustainability news