7 June 2018

Owner of The Nut Man, Sarah Goldstein, is passionate about the empowerment of women and takes pride in the fact that most of her staff members started in the company her father established in 1992. Another non-negotiable for Sarah is that there is minimal use of machines in the production of their coated nuts. This is in order to ensure the product is truly lovingly handmade and it enables her to employ more women.

The Nut Man supplies the yoghurt, caramel as well as the vanilla cinnamon caramel cashew nuts sold in Shoprite and Checkers stores under the Padkos label.


“We still cook the nuts in the same way my father was taught to do it many years ago in Tel Aviv - in a copper pot over a gas stove. Even the packaging is done by hand, so that when there is a spike in the number of orders, I can call on the regulars who help us out at such times.”

- Sarah Goldstein

Initially Sarah didn’t harbour ambitions to run the family business. “I studied nursing and psychology. After my studies I began helping out in the family business. Before I knew it I had become so embroiled in the business that I couldn’t leave.”


“I love the product, but I love the people even more.”

- Sarah Goldstein

Sarah's management style is non-intrusive as she is at pains not to micromanage her staff.

“Everyone knows what needs to be done. We work alongside each other to achieve our goals. I want people to be joyful at work.”