Skills centre receives business boost through twine donation


Ruby Craft and Design Centre and its partner Anivileli, a Tzaneen social enterprise that helps abused women gain financial independence, received a large cotton twine donation from Checkers Lifestyle Tzaneen to ensure their crocheting project can continue generating funds.

In April 2017 Checkers donated 1 000 cotton twine units to this skills centre which was the contribution they needed to start designing and making hand and vegetable bags. Recently they’ve realised a greater customer demand for crocheted bathroom mats and are hopeful this will expand their small scale business.

“We are so thankful for Checkers’ continued support and huge donations which ensures we make 100% profit on each sale. My dream is to grow into a large scale business and Checkers’ donation is a step in this direction.”

- Anne French, Facilitator Ruby Craft & Design Centre


Anne French, Facilitator Ruby Craft & Design Centre, collecting cotton twine from Checkers Lifestyle Tzaneen.