Carbon Disclosure

During the reporting period, the Group:



Our short term climate strategy:


  • to improve its carbon emission data completeness; 
  • to expand its carbon footprint boundaries and scope;
  • to set science-based emission reduction targets; 
  • to reduce its carbon emission intensities;
  • to appoint a dedicated sustainability manager;
  • to engage with policymakers regarding climate change;
  • to publish carbon footprint and climate change related information in its Integrated Report;
  • to establish a climate change committee every two years;
  • to appoint climate change subject matter experts responsible for identifying and documenting climate change effects and related legislation; and
  • to formally define the climate change risk and opportunity identification- and prioritisation process.

Our long term climate strategy:


  • to target a complete carbon emission data set;
  • to target a comprehensive carbon footprint boundary and scope;
  • to engage with policymakers regarding climate change; and
  • to utilise forward-looking scenario analyses to inform business strategy and/or financial planning.

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